Hellizabeth Queen

First Impressions

When I visited her site Hellizabeth Queen was showing off pictures of her pussy eating play with her lesbian friends. There was even a shot of her rimming an asshole. Hopefully all that good stuff is still up because it´s really freaking hot to see her playing like a dirty girl. You also get to experience loads of her solo pictures and she has a really tight young body with small titties. It´s not clear if she´s a teen model because there´s no information about her on the site. She´s totally hot though and that´s all we need.

Hot Promises

The promises on the site are limited to what you see in the pictures. There are short sentences about her and her pictures on the tour but they don´t really have anything to do with anything. It´s just babbling gibberish. The pictures promise you dildo fucking, lots of shots of her small tits and her tight pussy, long legs, a tiny waist, pretty eyes, and lesbian sex. The link to the join page says ?Join Hell? so it seems like she´s urging you to take a step into a wild world with her. Hopefully you´ll have some fun in that world.


Hellizabeth Queen went live in August 2010 and the design really couldn´t be any simpler. All the content is listed on the main page. You get a thumbnail preview for each set and that´s it. If it´s a video the picture has a little play button graphic on it to let you know what you´re getting when you click. At the very top of the page is a brief profile of Hellizabeth where you learn that she´s 5´5? and weighs 105lbs. She´s from Montreal and speaks French and English. Fun! There are also links to other sites she´s modeled for.

There are currently 38 photo sets and 19 videos. The site updates but there´s no way to know how often that happens because nothing is dated. They really didn´t put any work into the design. They just threw the content up in the simplest and cheapest way possible. If you click a video a new window opens with the Flash player ready to go and a link to download the 1280x720 WMV of the video. There´s no information about what happens in the clip, about the size, about the length, etc. There are no screenshots either.

If you click a picture gallery a new window opens with a white background and the thumbnails laid out 20 per page. The galleries were made with a program that does it automatically and spits out the most boring page possible. The content is nice but it´s so obvious they didn´t want to do anything to make the site excellent. The laziness is genuinely astounding and it makes the $30 first month price of the site seem a little galling. The fact that there´s absolutely no contact with Hellizabeth and that you´re offered almost no information is a disappointment too. One of my favorite things about a solo girl site is getting to know her a little bit. Not possible here.

The picture galleries are high quality at 1500px and the photography is top notch. Lighting is always good, framing is excellent, and Hellizabeth Queen looks beautiful every time. Despite having the kind of body that would allow her to play the cute solo girl dressed up in adorable outfits all the time this dark-haired babe often goes the opposite direction. You can count on her mixing it up from gallery to gallery so expect to see some of her in cute little outfits, some of her in lingerie sets, and some of her in purely sexual stuff.

One of my favorite sets has Hellizabeth Queen in black fishnet stockings and red lingerie. She lies in bed with that lusty look in her eyes and she strips to show you the beauty of the body underneath. In another she´s wearing sexy black panties and modeling a shiny black leather top. There´s also the lesbian content. That all comes in picture form and it was the first stuff uploaded. There are eight galleries and the girls are happy to get busy together with great pussy eating and dildo play. They get really hot and heavy with each other, unlike some solo girls. It´s beautiful to watch.

The dildo play in her solo sets is even more impressive. I prefer it in the videos because there´s nothing hotter than seeing a pretty young lady with a tight body and small tits stuff a toy up her hot cunt and fuck deeply. When she moans because she´s getting close to orgasm it´s fucking awesome. If you want to get excited just spend a little time with one of the streaming clips as she toy fucks her pretty hole and barrels towards an inevitable and hugely pleasurable orgasm.

The video quality is terrific and Hellizabeth Queen understands how to be sexy. She moves sensually and she works herself into a frenzy for your pleasure. I love it when her eyes are closed and she´s moaning as she pleasures her pussy with her fingers or a toy. She´s lost in the pleasure and doesn´t even seem to notice that someone is watching as she gets off.

The videos are a touch short for my tastes ? most are less than five minutes ? so the entertainment is not quite what it could be. They´re undeniably sexy though. When Hellizabeth entertains with her toys she does a great job. Her pussy looks really tight and as a dildo slides in there you´ll most definitely be dreaming about putting your cock inside her.

Croco´s Opinion

Hellizabeth Queen knows how to entertain and she has a great body. She shows off in slutty lingerie, cute outfits, dresses, and more. She strips and shows us her tiny tits and her little waist. She touches her body in the naughty parts and she gets off on camera. She does all those things to make you hard and she´s great at it. However, her site is quite small at this point, there´s zero contact with her and almost no information about her, and the design is lazily done. For $30 it´s not a lot of content. If she did webcam shows or chats or something like that it would seem worthier. However, if you´re really into this beautiful young lady then you will most definitely find value because the videos are downloadable and high definition.


The site´s design is so simplistic that you´ll never have trouble getting around. There´s a lack of information about the content sets though. A little more would be nice.

Pricing Policy

It´s $30 for the first month and $25 for each month after that.

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